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Get up to date or remain in front of industry general trends. Why it works: This interactive design gives visitors a reason to spend longer on the stand, increasing dwell time, and making sure everyone remembers your business. You may want to make this area semi-private by enclosing it on two sides. Include a prominent counter to be manned by staff so your guests feel welcomed and help them to escape from the show with a mix of elements in your stand design. By having elements which can be added or taken away you can modify the design to suit different sized stands and different stand layouts. Trade Shows are a very good way to introduce our offerings to Processors that may not be familiar with. Try to offer at least one interactive element that is more than your visitor just hearing your sales pitch. Encourage social sharing amplify your tradeshow booth beyond the ground by adding an element that will encourage social sharing. Qualify leads and advance the sales cycle. Exhibiting is a big investment in both money and time.

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A flexible exhibition stand design This. This can be a short tagline that lets passersby know what it is youre offering.e. Advertising ideas for standing out during a tradeshow. Photos would be a great way to get back in front of those leads. Itll travel across social media and engage a much wider audience! You can look them in the eye to address their issues. Interview them imperson and write up a success story. Buy attractive giveaways if you are going to have some giveaways on show, try to make them as attractive as possible. The more personalised the call to action is, the better. Every time you exhibit, the message you want to communicate may be different; perhaps you have a new product to promote or a special offer for that particular audience.

Recruit new distributors and dealers for your product. A digital screen such as an LED wall allows you to make those changes without investing in new banners. Remember you can also highlight key features of your stand with your lighting. Video displays if you have minimal space on your stand, use a TV monitor on wheels to give you more room to tell your story. Save space for information collection while you may decide to add a plant or decorative feature to your table remember that the aim of the game is to collect visitor information. Get clients to act quickly with show specials. Be the hero who gives their web designer relevant content for the company blog. Provide a staff briefing before the doors open make sure your on-booth stand staff know exactly whats expected of them.

This is something that every (every!) client just forgets. This will allow you to have five or ten minutes per visitor where you can chat through any questions. Invite the press strategy behind designing trade show booth to your exhibition booth for a private demo. Maybe you decide to place some wood pallet chairs next to an industrial steel table, or kitsch animal print cushions on a sleek leather sofa. A tailored stand requires a longer period than what is required for the stand delivered from the contractor. Well also share 15 exhibition stand design ideas and why they might work for your audience. That will help tell the "service" story later in photos. Design banner ads to add to your website; a customisable e-blast to send to your customer database; and a branded email signature, so that your show presence gets promoted with every email you send. Trade shows allow us to introduce our equipment to customers in a hands-on environment that results in a large majority of our sales.

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And everyone needs fresh content for social media. This allows you to be seen from around the room and will give visitors more access to the space strategy behind designing trade show booth you do have. Create a call to action. An interactive exhibition stand design Rather than doing a standard retrospective to celebrate a decade of business, design studio Snarkitecture created this exhibition fun house which included a kidney-shaped ball pit and a model house. Highlight new answers to captive crowd. Bright colours will draw the eye and will look nicer on your tradeshow table than something grey or dull. This is a great way for an environmentally-friendly brand to communicate their passions, standing out amongst a sea of metal, woods and other conventional exhibition stand textures. This may mean having a clipboard, a business card bowl or your laptop present.

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To add some human factor into the buying decision. Try to find a position where you can comfortably be open to greet any guests that walk by and practice one or two openers that will help you to engage them. Why it works: Unless youre a very well known brand, its sensible to incorporate some descriptive copy in your stands graphic design. Hide strategy behind designing trade show booth away personal items nothing makes a tradeshow table look more messy than personal items like keys, phones and wallets out on the table. Another quick win would be including an Instagram-friendly photo opportunity. Host a talk education is often cited as the number one reason attendees visit a tradeshow.

Hold a product launch party or reception. Meet new companies that can grow your strategy behind designing trade show booth business. 360-degree stand one way to make more of a small stand space is to open it up on three, or all sides. Run live demonstrations and presentations of recent products and services. Trades hows are about face! One of the best ways to promote your tradeshow presence is to speak to the organisers about promotional opportunities. By featuring furniture and decor you can create more of an experience; a physical place to visit and enjoy rather than a giant advertising hoarding. Meanwhile, you can attract attention with retro neon signs, strings of festoon lights, or giant light bulb letters.

An indoor-outdoor exhibition stand design This garden-themed exhibition stand design by Eventologists creates a woodland feel and makes for an interesting photo-opportunity for passersby. Important factors in creating an Outstanding event demonstrations. Depending on what best suits your business, it can be a formal desk and chairs, or something more informal like lounge seating or a podium table and stools. Why it works: Bold colours can really help your booth stand out, but choose a maximum of three so your design doesnt become too busy. Correspond directly with your projected audience. At a trade show, buyers and sellers are overloaded with choices and information. This includes Persian tea counters, water features and seating, plus private meeting rooms, to add to the ambience. This allows you to to identify and screen potential attendees and organise a number of appointments with them.

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Conclusion A trade show stand is the perfect opportunity to showcase your brands creativity, so strategy behind designing trade show booth dont just turn up with a few retractable banner stands. Why it works: Its a good idea to incorporate at least one digital screen in your exhibition stand design because what you display on them can be so easily changed. Reconnect with current customers and meet new ones. This doesnt have to be a full experience like the above either. This could be a request for them to send you examples of their business use case, an email after the show or a piece of free content like an ebook that you can send to them. Some ideas for smaller exhibition stand spaces include: Pop ups these are usually cost-effective stand display formats that can be quickly assembled and even reused for future events. Discover organizations who can help grow your business. TIP 2: Set the alarm on your phone or watch for a few times during the day to help remind you. Think of your exhibition booth as a microcosm of your business. You could even have a photobooth with props, which prints out photo strips with your logo. How to sell on your exhibition or tradeshow stand booth.

Oh, and you then realize that nobody actually got any photos of the event or even your strategy behind designing trade show booth own booth. Realistic exhibition stand design If you want someone to really get a feel for your products, why not create the exact space they might be used in? Here are a few things to consider: Connect with the organisers ideally on the day of build, introduce yourself to the organisers and have any questions prepared, ready to ask them. Colour themed exhibition stand designs The Store pop-up shop at showUP is a great example of using striking colour in order to captivate passers-by with your exhibition stand design. Get brand new concepts. To encourage valuable, qualified customers to visit you on your stand, aim to make prior appointments or get involved with the event hosted buyer programme if there is one. Exhibitions are presenting can promote your products and services on global scale and those who are more innovative and adaptive are generally the favorites on the best exhibition booths, particularly if something is new and never been seen before. Most pop up stands contain roller banners, cardboard display graphics and furniture which is easily removed. Grow broaden your profits base. Using coloured LEDs you can change the entire look and feel of your stand at the touch of a button.

I could go on, but you get the idea. Save space with stand-up banners roller banners are a great way to present lots of information about your brand without needing to have printed leaflets or brochures, which take up a lot of space and often arent sustainable. You could have cylinders of shiny apples, a cocktail bar or coffee station. Even if budget is an issue, you can make a big impact with colour, lights and a few feature pieces of decor that you might even be able to borrow from home! This could be organised by a series of time slots for the guest to arrive, or during a special on-stand drinks ceremony. Many businesses send a blanket email out to each person they met on the stand during the show so yours needs to stand out. Industry press are often sent to cover new products at the show and may feature you in tradeshow-related coverage. Trade shows act as a conduit to build better business relationships.

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Create a competition an on-stand tournament, gaming session or the chance to enter a competition will help increase your stand presence with visitors. Organise a guest appearance having a guest on your booth will allow you to begin advertising early and to encourage visitors to make a beeline for your stand once at the show. Why it works: Building an exhibition stand is expensive, so youll want it to be adaptable for future use. Many visitors will wander by and find the stand staff chatting between themselves, on their phones or sending emails. According to a recent study, those who work close to nature report a 15 higher level of well-being and creativity, so incorporating greenery could also make stand visitors feel more positive about your brand. You might also choose to connect with high quality leads over the phone, for lunch or on LinkedIn to mix up the medium. Exhibit to gauge your overall offerings to a particular audience. Textured exhibition stands BaselWorld is renowned for having some of the most impressive exhibition stand designs ever and this Hermes Pavilion stand design is no different. Queueing four or five videos or presentations will allow you to share key messages without needing a huge amount of floorspace. Demo, soon to be released, offerings in your presentation area. There is not much time for you spare on your initial business presentation either. If you have people interacting with your booth, capture.

Whats more, a digital screen with moving images, or with a motion sensor as shown above, can be a really eye-catching feature. Less is more particularly if your stand space is fairly small, you wont want to add too much clutter to your tradeshow table display. Giveaways that are highly visual, like sweets or goody bags, will also help attract more visitors onto your stand. Using intricate wooden lattice cladding it feels open and creative, and clearly demonstrates expert craftsmanship. Are you known for your customer service? This might be as simple as asking how they are, to inviting them on for a five-minute demo.

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Instead choose a small number of really striking images to make an instantaneous impression. In many small stand spaces you can also add height (but check with the exhibition organiser first) or use both sides of the stand walls to create more surface for you to tell your story. Hired exhibition stand designs Some exhibition design agencies like Skyline Whitespace allow you to hire an exhibition stand which makes for the ultimate flexible option, as you dont even have to purchase it! You should send out a save the date a minimum of eight months beforehand to ensure you reserve a place in peoples diaries. They can see your enthusiasm when sharing solutions to their demands. Guests were invited upon the Laverstoke Express. Provide an exclusive event-only promotion anything exclusive will help you to stand out amongst a hundred other tradeshow exhibitors. Progressive development ideas for a productive exhibition booth design. Setting up your tradeshow table display What items to buy for your tradeshow table can be difficult to know. Organise seating think how long exhibition attendees have to spend on their feet.

Trade show season is here and you might need to work the booth for your organization. Give media a sneak peak of new offerings that you are preparing to unveil at the tch strategy behind designing trade show booth face-to-face with key accounts. Face-to-face contact with customers and prospects is critically important in acquisition and retention of customers. Shows allow you to build trust. And when you get back to the office, you may find you are scrambling to catch up on work that has been piling.

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Identify new service ideas from customer reviews Continue discussions with strategy behind designing trade show booth current customers, partners, prospects. Setting up an exhibition stand for success is essential to making the most of your exhibiting opportunity. As well as giving your visitors something to remember you by, it will also provide you with added promotion on social media. Ask the organisers, or previous exhibitors, for this schedule. Imagine sending out a couple sentences along with several photos to show how much work you actually did. This approach to colour, rather than your standard corporate branding or the all white Apple-effect, ensures the display grabs attention and makes people pause to find out more. The sea-themed motif goes as far as the fish-printed lampshades to ensure an impact through attention to detail.

A sales strategy will ensure your booth is setup for success. While you shouldnt scrimp on your stand, designing a show-stopping expo booth doesnt have to cost a fortune; you just need to think outside the box. Support your channel partners and build relationships. Develop a brand new market segment. Why it works: This is ideal for first time exhibitors or those who want to save on cost, and works really well in a store or shop-type of exhibition environment.

strategy behind designing trade show booth

You can also use the screen for presentations, which gives visitors a reason to stop at your stand for longer. Try a new market segment on your current products. This could be a product demo, a chance to test something out, an experiment, game or quiz. Develop your booth design get noticed on the fair, get results. So, if youre going to do it, do it right! Lighted exhibition stand designs Fasetto used this purple-hued exhibition stand design at CES to create a colour rich environment that caught the eye. Trade shows are also a great time to discuss and work with other manufactures on upcoming projects. Top tip: check out these visitor trade show tips to ensure youre engaging your event visitors the entire way through. The networking is incredible. Here, we share some ideas: Offer a giveaway everyone loves a freebie. Collect data every exhibitor needs a way to collect attendee details.

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Create an attractive exhibition booth at the trade show. Don't describe the show show. This might be a special discount code, a buy one get one free offer or a chance for some free consultancy with your expert team. Hide away all of your personal items in a back area or behind the table, to keep things looking tidy and professional. Shake hands and hug current customers in a perfect exhibition stand. Give buyers the chance to see and feel the quality of your products. Why it works: While graphic banners, large screens and signs play an important role in communicating who you are and what you do, its vital to include more tangible elements too. Think branded stand-in cutouts or photo backdrops or a life-sized cow in your company colours. Then ask for a raise. Exhibit to understand what is available on the market. Exhibition stand freebies Long before doughnut walls became the latest wedding must-have, Jennifer Rubell used an edible installation of doughnuts during Art Basel Miami Beach, with 1,521 doughnuts hung across a wall in order to attract more visitors through the exhibition. Start promotion early, a big mistake many make is leaving promotion of their show to the last month or two.