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Back in the office, staffers should be required to create a combined report, including the audio-visuals. Weve attended 1000s of trade shows and spent more than a year on the ground, in-market to better understand audiences and opportunities to reach them. The attendee experience is larger than just your booth. Tradjenta, creating a dominant presence with, oOH media. We had interest in one of their large format printers and planned on taking a look at the show and then purchasing as long as we liked. Those are the prospects that you really want to remember you, and get their card! Record your Interviews and Document Your Findings. You dont need to necessarily spend a fortune on your displays, but the message should be clear and the appearance should be consistent (dont use three pop up displays that all look drastically different).

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You can use this information to send a pre-convention mailer that might make them aware of a give-away or drawing that they can register for when they come by your booth. After all, theyre in the thick. A key Alcon priority is to build winning collaborations that help us meet our mission: to provide innovative products that enhance quality of life by helping people see better. Contact us to find out what we can provide for your next event. The secret to a powerful plan is collecting as much data as possible. Ive used Scratch Cards over and over to draw people to my trade show booths.

Then, I start letting my customers know about the contest in the emails and newsletters I send them. Also, create a trade marketing strategies section on your website that lists the trade shows youll attend and directions to your booth. Note: The off hours (when the exhibit hall is closed) are frequently the best time to gather information, so dont skip the parties, breakfasts or other networking events. I do this to motivate them to visit my booths. Call and follow up on the strong leads to andwer questions and move them towards a purchase. Our market is one of the top convention locations in the world with more meeting space than I can believe. Instead of showing prizes under the scratch-off surface, display numbers that represent certain prizes such as trips, products, and advertising specialties. List all of the information you will need to create a killer trade show strategy and then write it down. Start Planting The Seed, if youre like me, you contact your customers through a number of different marketing channels. Need some help analyzing your data and turning it into a targeted trade show exhibit? We encourage our customers to have the cheap giveaway like pens, letter openers, etc. Organize the Info and Ask for Your Staffs Opinion.

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They told me they would have someone follow up with me after the showthey didnt, I had to call 3 times to get someone to sell me the machineits a good thing for HP they had. This is a powerful way you can build early momentum for the show. Start planting the seed two months before the show. Adobe, connecting directly with your trade show audience. Prospect Level: Lets be honest, trade marketing strategies some attendees are just walking around to get free stuff.

trade marketing strategies

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Its having a plan and objective for each trade-show. . Heres how to tap into your hidden data resource while you scope out your next potential trade show. Ive strongly encouraged my clients to do this and theyre seeing fantastic results. The report should include any insights or ideas that your staff had while collecting the information. Hit The Ground Running, if you put the above ideas into action, the buzz youll create around your trade show booths will surprise you. Pre-Convention Marketing: Often you can get the list of attendees before the convention. Post Trade Show / Convention Follow-Up: Dont just sit there and wait for the phone to ring, be proactive in your sales efforts. You can identify show specials and what products you will be demonstrating. Its a smart business move, but it could be even smarter. I contact my customers and leads over the phone or with emails, flyers and newsletters. My years of trade show marketing experience proves that you must proactively take pre-show measures to ensure your goals are met. Send a thank you note and offer to the less significant prospects to see if you can motivate them to move.

We've run thousands of trade show marketing campaigns for our clients: exhibitors, agencies, and event organizations. Start planting the seed two months ahead of time. Ask for their personal opinions, input, and creative ideas. They simply need to register. These people hold the key to a trade marketing strategies treasure trove of information. Relevant Messaging: Ive seen companies that just show-up at a trade show with poor visuals and no apparent goal or purpose to their presence there. Ive done this successfully by holding contests four weeks before the show. In your quest to gain information about the trade show in question, you might be overlooking a highly valuable secret resource the trade show staffers themselves. Thousands of Trade Show Marketing Campaigns.

Mail these cards to your customers 4 weeks before the trade show. Serving Corporate Exhibitors Event Organizations. Weve seen a lot of examples of the good, the bad and the ugly. Driving booth traffic with Out of Home media. Today, Im going to give you three powerful ideas that you should put into action before your next trade show. Make a Schedule so You Dont Miss Anyone. Need to refresh your trade show marketing strategy? Adding these assets to your final report will provide tangible evidence of your findings. This is another secret to my trade show success. And as many marketers know, attending an event in person is a great way to do this. Start early and plant the seed. Focus on the problems you solvethe pain you help them overcome.