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To ask a question like this to someone whose family came from the working classes risked revealing their (current or previous) low status in the pecking order. Oh, and April Fools, of course. Then we'll move onto, lilyPad and E-textiles, and lastly we'll cover building the. Serge Lebigot, from Parents against drug insisted in the Senate round-table in 2011 that his organisation wants a prevention policy: I mean a serious prevention, starting when children are very young. It is equivalent to saying: the house is burning? But, as Americans, who we are is so entwined with what we do that most of us, when asked to describe ourselves will start off with our occupations. Our contacts Danièle Jourdain Menninger, presidente of Joint ministerial Mission Against Drugs and Addictions (Mission interministérielle de lutte contre la drogue et la toxicomanie) Founded in 1982, MiDLT coordinates several government ministries' work on drugs. For us, what we do for work isnt private (although details like salary are). And sure, we should also cut down the worst thieves in the game there is no honor in a rich person assembling a team of lawyers and marketing gurus to get poor people to sign up for a loan on a 92 television. Considering what kind of speech I give is an adults job; teenagers send us back to our own contradictions.

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Because the problem is not a shortage of money its a shortage of spirit. If and when the other person responds in a way that encourages more communication, we can go further and see where the conversation leads. And then when Americans seek to learn, were called sad-assed materialists. As someone pointed governement work from home jobs colorado part time out in another response, Europeans tend to give more thoughtful answers to such questions than Americans. For some people there could be an element of attempting to ascertain whether or not this person is worthy of their time. A massive load of student loan debt from the ever-increasing cost of university tuition. For circ, a Collective of Information and Research on Cannabis, informing people is its raison detre. So, given what youve said, I see a head-on collision between Americans trying to get Europeans to open up and the Europeans seeing them as nosy on one hand and Americans seeing Europeans as stand-offish while Europeans see us as loudmouthed on the other. But this complex debate is often reduced to a binary argument between those for and those against. This opinion, she says is not understood by politicians. In such a case, we go back to the general problem to show them how tricky it can be and how difficult it can be to find a solution. We use their own words and some scientific knowledge. So, with our new freedom from worrying about stuff, lets return to work and actually get something done.

Also, this class is good for.0 semester credit hour through Colorado School of Mines with an additional payment.00 to be paid at the time of the class. John Gould: Here in the Netherlands, the general neutral topics of the weather, football and such would be used. Making it an acceptable project for the surrounding population is another point. In France, there are so many people demanding that cannabis should be fully legalised and regulated by the state. Or Im not really much of a football fan. Would you speak to me differently if I were a janitor than if I were a corporate president? Because people spend more of their waking hours on their work than on anything else. What do you do for a living is not a question, its a conversation opener. James Arthur: She was correct. They are often moved by the testimonies. The one that regularly comes back on the addiction issue is 'how can I help a friend that is a drug addict?' Sometimes, it is difficult for us to answer. We all know how hard it is being a woman in Afghanistan, how hard it is being a drug addict in Afghanistan.

It was really luck and fate that got us here, rather than individual effort and choices. Ive also had the same question asked of me numerous times and never taken offence. When you spread the social meme that the the system is stacked against us, and that the system needs to change in order to improve our lives. Leaving violence governement work from home jobs colorado part time behind or trivializing the use of cannabis? It helps and backs families dealing with a child's addiction. We borrow money and drown in the interest payments. France is not like Uruguay or Colombia says Danièle Jourdain Menninger, president of the. For more casual sampling, have a look at this complete list of all posts since the beginning of time or download the mobile app. Reducing risks and sanitary and social damages by working closer to the most exposed populations: women, persons isolated from care, the world of work. Whether or not the accusations contain a degree of truth does not matter you train a legion of powerless people who cant take care of themselves, you also end up with lazy voters who are easily manipulated by whichever. But obviously, not ordinary conversation in some places. Maybe we need to start each conversation with, what is an important thing you think that I as insert your nationality here should know about your culture/heritage/background? Joint ministerial Mission Against Drugs and Addictions (MiLDT) since September 2012.

A question like this in other words could only be asked when everyone has always pretended to be socioeconomic equals, which is precisely what Americans. She didnt respond, so I struggled through trying to make her understand. Marcel Geenen: I think one aspect hasnt been mentioned here, and this is that to Americans work is much more important then to Dutch people. So the question is better left unasked. The French are very proud of their language and you will score major points if you can speak it, even badly. As an American living overseas, I met British people for the first time, outside of America, and became friends with several of them. At the bottom line, these policies surrender in front of the drugs problem. Amos Shapir: In France, especially Paris, Id always get better service when trying to communicate in broken French, than in good English; even if they do understand English (most do nowadays) theyd often pretend not. Since we were staying in a condo one street from the beach, I went there to see if someone could tell me where to find a doctor. Sure, privilege does exist, and it might make it easier or harder to inherit a company or win a senate seat. In a friendly, upbeat tone while passing them in the hallway; are we actually expecting a response? You can rather easily go through many different countries with different languages in a few days so multiple languages on signs makes a lot of sense.

governement work from home jobs colorado part time

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Its made more difficult by some people confusing legalisation and decriminalisation. Thomas Wier: I think this is a side-effect of Europeans still living in the shadow of their formerly oppressive class systems and aristocracies. Much easier to answer than something like, What are your passions or interests? So lets go with a hybrid approach in solving our retirement issue. Ilka Pritchard Pelczarski: Im half German and had the opportunity to live in Germany for an extended period of time. She insists on how important it is to bring different views on the issue, should they be medical, legal or sociological: drug policies deeply depend on other societal choices: schools or prisons, war or peace, tax havens or control. Legalising cannabis could include allowing it to be grown, either by a national farming industry or by single individuals, depending on choices made by each country. It is still forbidden: cannabis is still not allowed, selling it and trafficking are too, but possessing and using it are no longer punished. I remember getting in trouble when I met a woman from Holland and asked, What do you do for a living? Another part is done on paper: we ask them questions, such as 'do you take drugs?'. The latest two evolutions in this risk reduction are legalising some cannabis-based medications and the opening of a drug consumption room in Paris (a project that has been delayed on October 8 by the Council of State). This is your negotiated salary. We did not plan any major communication campaign to say drugsdanger explains its director.

And if youre a garbage-collector, I work for the Department of Sanitation or even I work for the city/state government is okay. We whine that the national savings rate is only 5 and that the average person in their 60s has only about 100,000 saved. The same critic governement work from home jobs colorado part time that called me a savings scold above admits that he hasnt even started his first investment account. Microcontrollers for Educators takes place all day on August 9 and 10, 2012 and is pretty much exactly what it sounds like - a class focused on helping educators learn how to make microcontrollers part of their curriculum. Decriminalisation Decriminalising cannabis means sanctions for cannabis use are not applied. It is a radically different choice from the previous management team which had made a campaign that had been higly critised by several organisations. While there is a place for public policy in every great society, it seems unwise for those who have not yet mastered a field of study themselves, to make nationwide prescriptions on that very same field. A fact that MiLDT took into consideration. Hope to see you there! We'll then explain how to get it running and talking to the boards and then cover the basics of using the. 8,760 people have been sent to prison for illegal use of narcotics in 2011 (out of a total of 38,977 convictions).

We try and be humble about this knowledge. In June 2012, for instance, Cécile Duflot, ecologist and Minister of Housing, stated she is in favour of decriminalising cannabis. They point out, as the doctors we met from the addiction centre of a hospital also noted, the fact that cannabis today contains a more concentrated active ingredient it has been multiplied by 5 or 10 in 40 years. Darrel Dent: Im an American, but very much a Francophile and (moderately) fluent in French. As for legalisation, decriminalisation is seen as a way to try and weaken illegal trafficking and the violence which often comes with. But this bill has to be placed in the context of drug traffickers extreme violence, which South American countries have to fight against.

Kirstin Huiber: Im an American Steven, I dont have strong values attached to different occupations. My keyboard started to shoot sparks out of its orifices and it is now oozing pus and blood onto my desk. The Global Commission on Drugs draws the same conclusion and gives out several recommendations in its report: breaking up the taboo is the first one They are, among others, offering care for drug dependence and substitution treatments, investing in evidence-based. Somebody needs to call bullshit on this practice, because were not going to fix it just by raising everybodys allowance in their retirement years. Across the aisle was a nice couple who we spoke with non stop for the duration. Its aim is to "preventively collect and spread information about cannabis". Stagnant wages since the 1970s. I sure hope you didnt believe those are really the views. Work is not my favourite topic of conversation whether talking with people that I know well or with people I hardly know at all, but I will talk about it if people ask, and especially if the asker is showing a genuine interest. Related Reading: Top 4 SUVs for Growing Families Previous Post: Chasing Electrical Demons to Cut your Power Bill by 80 Next Post: Great News Early Retirement Doesnt Mean Youll Stop Working You might also like: welcome new readers Take a look around.

governement work from home jobs colorado part time

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Marie-Françoise Camus, president of the organisation The Lighthouse, Families dealing with drugs The Lighthouse, Families dealing with drugs was founded in 1996. But this woman told me that asking her profession was the equivalent of asking how much money she had in the bank. This taboo is maintained, say KShoo (pronounced cashew) from the. 73 is the new retirement age. Just look at the bleak picture that the average person faces today in comparison. The first axe daction de traverse was reducing risks for drug users. Therefore, for those in favour of decriminalising cannabis, one of the main purposes of modifying the 1970 law would be to take drug users out of prison and move them back into the addiction-care system. Northern Europeans in general arent as inquisitive or as extroverted as people from other countries, because of the importance their culture places on privacy.

Try to bring up something cool about the region you come from. Weve been breaking new ones ever since, and the unemployment rate.2 is almost as low as you can get. Now that I got accustomed, I could not care less. There is a common ground, even though everyone does not think of it as important : prevention. Even though they are ideologically opposite, The Lighthouse, Families dealing with drugs deals a lot with prevention in high schools. (If you really want to know, you usually have to ask again, something like No, really, how are you?). Steven Franklin: You make a great point. And many people will gladly work a few days less per year even on a full time job. Also, here the topic of work is considered safe, but people can be more guarded about their personal lives and their opinions. Money Mustache is 50 derived from the country of India, so she only had half as much White Privilege. Darrel Dent: Most of the people who would judge your worthiness to engage in conversation based on your occupation probably arent worth talking to anyway, since theyre only interested in people who can do something for them. You have to answer something, right? I hate my job and dont want to be defined by it, especially when someone is getting to know.

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Prevention at heart Prevention actions as told by our contacts Dani?le Jourdain Menninger, MiLDT In partnership with the National Institute for Health Prevention and Education (inpes we will train PMI workers (Maternal and Child Protection) on addictive behaviours. A huge part of that endeavor has been the creation of the SparkFun. It has a governement work from home jobs colorado part time telephone helpline and organises meetings. Why should that part of their life be off-limits to conversation? On its website, the organisation states supporting strongly a complete regulation of recreative cannabis within a frame that is joint, cooperative and non-profit, which organises the traceability of the products and which forbids brand advertising. They have been working to expand the offering of classes we hold at SFE headquarters. Same as wherere you from?, or how bout them Saints? In the beginning, I found quite rude myself getting such a question from American girls, which I considered to be gold diggers. For them, it is a matter of personnel freedom of doing what you like with your own body.

Darrel Dent: That governement work from home jobs colorado part time may or may not be a valid assumption with Europeans, but it definitely isnt with Americans. Often, if you try to speak French but are struggling, they will switch to English, but, as you said, youll get better service for having made the effort. For example, to answer the questions Eric brought up, I might say, I work in a biomedical lab studying stroke. You cant prevent the truly random and unpreventable, but you can lower your expected lifetime cost drastically. We give our support to risk reduction missions abroad.

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So, the expected response to a casual What do you do for a living would be equally casual. The bigger lesson here is accepting that we are all responsible for putting forth the effort in understanding each others cultures. To ask a question like this to an aristocrat would be rude, because aristocrats sense of identity came from their ancestry, not their day-to-day activities. Policymakers can make sure that the Social Security program survives, because not everyone is going to become a Mustachian, and were wealthy enough as a society that there is no need to handle people the death sentence just for poor financial skills. If you probe a little deeper, you may get I could tell you, but then Id have to kill you delivered with a wink and a smile governement work from home jobs colorado part time and you know not to ask any more.) Many Americans.

Ive never noticed anyone take offence at this. You discuss other topics of interest could be, for example, your favorite holiday destination, how you get there and the people you go with, and who you meet there, what the people and food are like there these. For Americans, the appropriate response to a casual How are you? Another obstacle to realising how toxic cannabis can be is underlined by the addictologists of LArbresle hospital. A part of this point will be dedicated to the designer drugs and drugs sold on the internet. Arnaud Montbourg, a socialist from the same government and Minister of Industrial Renewal then made a slightly polarising statement on bfmtv news channel: I dont want my kids to be able to buy cannabis in a supermarket. It has helped reduce the HIV transmission among users consuming drugs intravenously. Darrel Dent: I find that very interesting because in the US asking someone what they do for a living isnt considered a particularly personal question. Sorry, but thats the way it is, nothing you can do about. For an American, healthcare is expensive, for Europeans, it is generally free and only relevant when we are sick.

I remember how in many countries signs at tourist attractions such as museums would be in multiple languages. We get to decide when or if to start our families, and where to settle. The great experiment of the personal 401(k) plan, foisted upon us by the elites since the late 1980s is a proven failure. If you are sharing a syringe, at least clean it with bleach. I think that the stronger the repression, the more violence says governement work from home jobs colorado part time Anne Coppel bluntly.

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The writers who harp about Americas Retirement Crisis are really attempting to get the politicians to do something about it: increasing funding to the Social security system and throwing a leash on the some of the nastier elements. A debate on the edge. And when were asked the question, do we feel compelled to go into it any further? And I personally find What do you do? Lynne Diligent, steven Franklins answer, from Original Quora Post: governement work from home jobs colorado part time (All replies below are selected from comments following Stevens answer.). Since theres a good chance you earn more than minimum wage, plus will have retirement savings greater than zero, there is really nothing to worry about. Fig.1: Americas Retirement Crisis, Illustrated with Pen and Marker. Brinnel, chief doctor at the addiction center of LArbresle hospital, considers that for a physician it is ethically impossible to support decriminalising cannabis; I cannot be in favour of such a position.

Not always, but often. A classic American book of relationship-building is How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. 50 million euros have been granted for its first two years, to which has to be added a part of each ministry involved. Jon Painter: Ha ha, food is an inherently dangerous conversation in the US with women you dont know well! Nicola Caria: Well, I can tell you that in Italy food, wine and soccer are great conversation topics. The crime is either removed governement work from home jobs colorado part time from the law or penalities are reduced. So, asking what someone else does isnt a loaded question intended to establish relative social rank, its merely a means of getting a better understanding of who that person. If you need proof to go with all those negative statements, just look at the results.

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So imagine being a drug-addicted woman in Kabul Bernard Mars, bpdj We work by chatting freely, debating and exchanging for an hour and a half with the teenagers, and letting them debate between themselves. Decriminalising cannabis regularly comes back in the political debate but politicians tend to simplify their arguments. Legalising cannabis entirely without any restriction would mean it becomes a consumer good like any other. Im a lawyer is just fine. We are in control of things, not our government masters or the elites. The class starts from from the very beginning (the very best place to start) with the installation of the Arduino programming environment. But it cant control your choice to ride a bike, buy less shit, or read library books in your spare time and I argue that frugality is the most powerful factor in earning your independence. (Superficial not meant in a negative context). The first thing I said to the salesperson was do you speak English. Vishnu Subramanian: It mightve even had something to with the tone of your voice or even just the multiple ways in which you can ask the same question. Though its inappropriate to directly ask for others profession, I dont think its considered rude to say something which implies your own profession (as in You know the other day in court something similar happened even if that is a high status profession. Overtime is rare and when it happens a lot in a company, people will complain and refuse to. As I walked home I realized she was teaching me a very important lesson and that I had no right to expect her to know English because she was near military housing.

Are we free to poison ourselves as long as we dont poison anyone else? Long, congested commutes that could become unaffordable overnight on the whim of any Saudi oil minister. This is a cultural norm. Should signs have multiple languages? I know from first-hand experience, picked up on my own governement work from home jobs colorado part time unremarkable journey from minimum wage to early retirement, that taking control of your own time and effort and spending is everything. Talking about yourself is regarded as a sign of mental weakness, and asking what someone does for a living when you meet them implies you are trying to establish some kind of useless hierarchy whether you are doing so or not. Make sure that what do you do for living is not your first question, otherwise it is widely accepted also in Europe a job-related discussion. If you think you are hardcore enough to handle Maximum Mustache, feel free to start at the first article and read your way up to the present using the links at the bottom of each article. It, too, involved someone from Holland. First Europeans call Americans ignorant about the world outside the US borders. Paperwork for credit will be made available at that time. It was ordinary conversation.

That may be somewhat less true for less prestigious jobs, but it depends on the person and the job (for instance, in the US, teaching is not a particularly prestigious job, but Ive know many teachers and. So that is why I take this governement work from home jobs colorado part time particular stand. I came across a very interesting article. Be careful though, you may have in front of you a strong supporter/detractor. If, for example, I found out that the person I was speaking to was also a teacher, Id be delighted to compare her classroom experiences with mine. So many people provided interesting answers that Ive decided to share in this post some of the answers I found most interesting, for those who dont use Quora (a great website where people can pose questions on any topic, and people. Anne Coppel, a sociologist who has founded the. So, please, lets have some comments from readers! Parents against drug (Parents contre la drogue). The shit shouldnt even exist, and yet we guzzle it by the tankerload! When you meet new people, its typical (at least for Americans) to try to find what you have in common.

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They intervene in high schools across the Rhone département on the following themes: law that protects, internet, pupils' harassment, addiction and, finally, violence within young couples. Legalisation, regulation, decriminalisation: Definitions, these words do not correspond to real fixed and limited legal rules. But then nobody mentions that only one percent of trips are made on bicycle in this country, and the majority of travel and commuting is done in single-occupant vehicles bought with dealer financing. My reply : Perhaps we have the same job. This situation is leading to a major shift in drug policies in North and South America but also in some European countries such as the. More often they are given by adults that can be 50 years old.

governement work from home jobs colorado part time

When I asked the young man if he knew where I could find a doctor, he told me that he was a pediatrician. For Bernard Mars, captain of the bpdj, whose work relies on prevention, there is no good repression, without a good prevention. We talk about healthcare expenses as if they are imposed upon us, despite the fact that most of the nations health spending is done to treat self-imposed diseases related to the biggest four factors: exercise, diet, stress and sleep. Neither of us intended to offend or be nosy. It advocates a change in the law that regulates drugs and argues that cannabis should be made legal. Above-average incomes, an appreciating market for stocks and houses, an unusually cooperative girlfriend-turned-wife, and of course plenty of White Person Privilege* came into the picture. The National Health and Medical Research Institute (inserm) sums up governement work from home jobs colorado part time this philosophy: If you can, do not take drugs. So let us never talk about these things as if they get handed down to us from the outside world, because people are all too prone to believe. Its like asking what their favorite sports team. In Germany I learned that you had better be prepared to invest some time to listen to how someone is actually doing when you pose the question, because not only will they get into it with you. Living on a low wage (even minimum wage) and saving a good portion of our income is equally possible.